I’m a hard-core fan of Brown Cow’s Cream Top vanilla yogurt; it’s the only yogurt I eat. But recently, I tasted Brown Cow anew—or rather, tasted a new flavor (for me). I was stirring the top layer of cream into my yogurt when I realized that I didn’t have a vanilla cup, but strawberry. Being at work, I had few options, so I forged on. I was stunned at how good it was: It married the perfect blend of tangy and sweet, and disappeared in record time. I’ve since tried cherry vanilla and blueberry. The stuff’s so good I might start eating it for dessert—and let’s just say I’m as hard-core about my dessert as I am about my yogurt. The one unfortunate thing about the brand? The cheesy talking cow on the website.

Brown Cow Cream Top Yogurt is available at most gourmet and health food markets, as well as at many grocery chains.

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