Traditional English scones are different from the hardy, muffin-size sort that populate U.S. pastry cases. The original variety are smaller and much more delicate, with a tender crumb, most often made with currants or raisins. Here are some recipes that pass muster with British hounds.

emily recommends a scone recipe from Claire Clark, who is pastry chef at the French Laundry.

A couple of hounds also insist you can’t go wrong with Delia Smith’s illustrated scone recipe. nanette says superfine sugar is a reasonable substitute for castor sugar.

Cream scones that use no fat but heavy cream are simple to make and have a wonderful texture. Anne, who used a recipe with the same proportions when she baked scones for a café, points out that you can use any sort of dried fruit (currants, dried cranberries, raisins), chocolate chips, chopped nuts, or coconut as your add-in.

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