Closing opened bags of chips, cereal, and crackers extra-tight is of paramount importance to those who value crispness. The problem is that most so-called “chip clips” sold in the supermarket really don’t do the job.

Many Chowhounds head to the office supply store for large binder clips, which are “super strong, super cheap, and they look decent,” says Dommy. They come in handy for all sorts of kitchen uses (tightly sealing milk cartons to preserves freshness, folding and closing plastic packages of beans, rice, pasta, etc.). You can clip a “freeze date” note to packages in the freezer (val anne c).

Others rely on old-fashioned clothes pins–either the standard or French types–to clamp bags shut.

Swedish-made Twixit! clips are hinged plastic clips that come in various sizes. They clamp tight and create an airtight seal on bags, ranging from chips to bread, to frozen fruits and veggies, standing in for twist-ties as well as chip clips. They’re microwave and dishwasher safe. Caitlin McGrath is lost without them. Order a set of 27 Twixit! clips online.

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