Grilled corn on the cob is delicious, any way you make it. There’s a variety of methods for whole ears; use whichever suits your personal taste.

Some hounds soak the ears in their husks in water before grilling, removing the silk or not. This forestalls the possibility of the husks catching fire. Davwud removes the loose ends of the husk and cuts the silk down to the top of the ear before soaking. Grilled in the soaked husk, the corn “takes on a very nice grassy taste,” he says.

Others grill the corn in the husk without soaking or removing the silk first. “I just put the unopened ears over moderate heat,” says alanbarnes, “and while the husks get plenty black, the corn itself is perfect, with small caramelized areas.” jfood uses an oven mitt to strip off the husk after cooking. alanbarnes keeps a squirt bottle of water handy in case a husk catches fire.

gordeaux removes the silk before grilling, then slathers the corn with cold butter and ground chile before pulling the husk back over the corn.

Others grill corn after it has been husked. “You have to keep an eye on them and turn frequently,” says spb, “but nothing beats a well browned ear of corn. All that sugar is caramelizing, producing tons of complex flavors and the smell of hot buttered popcorn.”

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