The freshest flat rice noodles can be had at a number of places in San Francisco. At Yung Kee in Chinatown the noodles are made fresh daily, and sell out early, says intomeat. Four sheets of noodles for $1.10. Be aware, though, that Yung Kee has no English signage, only Chinese signage.

On 16th between Mission and S. Van Ness, a few storefronts away from Bar Bambino, there’s a place where you can by fresh flat rice noodles by the pound. “You will get to see the equipment that is used to make and steam the noodles,” says foodiemonster. There’s no obvious English signage, just Chinese characters that translate to something like “noodle factory.”

Hon’s Wun-Tun House may make its noodles slightly off premises, at its nearby factory, but the noodles are superfresh, says peppatty.

Yung Kee [Chinatown]
732 Jackson Street, San Francisco

Unnamed noodle shop, a few shops away from Bar Bambino [Mission District]
16th Street, between Mission and S. Van Ness

Hon’s Wun-Tun House [Chinatown]
648 Kearny Street, San Francisco

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