Now, the Luther Burger is certainly not unknown to junk food fanciers (especially those with a special place in their heart for the hamburger). Essentially a burger that replaces a boring old bun with doughnut goodness, the Luther Burger is a masterful rendition of the sweet-salty-greasy food group.

But leave it to Paula Deen to bring the Luther Burger into the realm of televised cooking. Called the Lady’s Brunch Burger, and featuring bacon and a fried egg as well as the doughnut bun, the dish was featured on Deen’s brunch-themed show a couple of weeks ago.

This sent the “Paula Deen Is Trying to Kill Us” watch at Serious Eats’ A Hamburger Today blog into paroxysms of joyful admiration. One commenter, Chasgoose, seems to have decoded the essence of Deen’s show: “Did anyone see the episode where she fried butter? Sometimes I feel like Paula Deen is some avant-garde performance artist.”

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