This Sunday’s New York Times boasts a remarkably food-savvy piece of op/art: Fairs Enough (requires registration). It’s an illustrated rundown of the most delectable fair foods from states as far-flung as Washington State, Vermont, and Texas.

From the “elegant” ham biscuit at the State Fair of Virginia to the frybread-based Indian taco at the New Mexico State Fair, the Times does a great job of running a nearly infinite gauntlet of fair food options.

An added bonus: the Times graphic is free of the penny-ante “oh, aren’t the locals fascinating” condescension that thoroughly permeated Slate’s recent feature on the Minnesota State Fair.

With its offensive colors and overlapping carnival-ride soundtracks, strolling through the midway is like taking a walking tour of one’s own headache…

Slate writer Ben Crair: have you never been a young person? Are you, in fact, an extremely angry 70-year-old man, who attended the fair in order to shake your ivory-handled cane in a trembling manner at the noisy, unsophisticated youth who seemed to swarm the grounds?

Attending a fair and then complaining that the midway is full of “offensive colors” is like going to an NFL football game and complaining that the fans are loud. Yes, the fans are loud. It’s a football game. And yes, the midway will have “overlapping carnival-ride soundtracks.”

McDonald’s will also sell hamburgers, and the sun will continue to be yellow.

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