misscucina is an iced coffee fan, and her go-to place is Flour: “I like their coffee—good flavor, reasonable portion for $2.75 and most times, they don’t just take hot coffee and pour it over some cubes (a huge pet peeve). Once in a while they do in a pinch, but for the most part they take a big frozen block of coffee and let it melt with a splash of hot to speed up the process.”

But she’s having trouble finding a place that makes iced coffee as good or better. Any suggestions?

• Espresso Royale Caffe, where Science Chick says that the iced Americano is nice: “Since they add cold water to the espresso before pouring over ice, it circumvents the ‘hot coffee over ice’ fiasco, which I agree is a disaster!” misscucina concurs that ordering an iced Americano at any coffee spot, in fact, typically yields a better iced coffee.

• Iced espresso at Peet’s: “Three shots in a large cup filled with crushed ice, extra ice on the top to fill. It’s stronger than the Americano because no ice water is added, but as all that ice melts, it mellows out. I drink it even on the coldest days of winter,” says Madrid.

• Diesel’s iced coffee, says Boston_Otter, is “rich and delicious, not over-roasted,” and can also be served Vietnamese-style, with sweetened condensed milk.

Espresso Royale Caffe [Back Bay]
288 Newbury Street, Boston

Peet’s [Financial District]
176 Federal Street, Boston

Diesel [Downtown]
116 Newbury Street, Boston

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