Das Ubergeek offers up Tirupathi Bhimas in Artesia. The restaurant serves southern Indian cuisine, specifically Hyderabadi, the cuisine of Andhra Pradesh in central south India. You’ll be treated with kind and civilized service in a casual restaurant that is spotless and welcoming.

Das Ubergeek counsels: “When in doubt—and how do you choose from a list of idli (small round steamed lentil breads with sauce), dosa (huge thin crepes often wrapped round vegetables with dips) and utthapam (pancakes with various vegetables cooked in) anyway?—go for a thali. A thali is a bowl of rice in the centre of a dish with a lot of small samples of various foods surrounding it.”

It’s a great way to get to know what the kitchen is doing, because you get a little bit (maybe a half to three-quarters of a cup) of each dish, plus rice, pappadam (lentil cracker), and chapati (soft flatbread). You also get a choice of thali: spicy Andhra, nonspicy, and north Indian. A meal of a thali with a huge dosa and rice pudding with raisins and cashews comes to around $20.

The restaurant serves no meat, but it’s hardly missed, so it’s a great option for omnivores and vegivores alike. boogiebaby loved it, and enthusiastic CHOW posters are lining up for a visit.

Tirupathi Bhimas [Orange County]
18792 Pioneer Boulevard, Artesia

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