Cigarettes. Handguns. Liquor. Prescription drugs. Pornographic DVDs. What do they have in common?

Well, yes, they’re all aspects of a perfect New Year’s Eve party. But they’re also things that feature warning labels. According to the Scotsman, thanks to the increasingly thoughtful and thorough nanny state that is Great Britain, cheese—yes, good old wholesome cheese—is slated to join the sin parade, as a deadly contributing factor to obesity and heart disease. British trade magazine the Grocer says that the government’s Food Standards Agency is considering “asking manufacturers of products high in saturated fat, such as cheese and butter, to put cigarette-style warnings on packs which would urge consumers to eat such products in moderation or as a rare treat.”

Needless to say, Brits are thrilled that their government is looking out for their health. Commenter Matt says:

Maybe the Food Standards Agency should have a ‘health warning’ on its pronouncements?

‘All advice published by the Food Standards Agency have been researched and published by self-satisfied nincompoops. All such advice must be taken with a good pinch of salt, bearing in mind the Food Standards Agency’s pronouncements on salt, which recent research indicates may not be based on good science, in any case.’

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