A bare-walled kitchen can be dreary, but it’s not easy to find decorations that belong among the pots and pans. That’s probably why commenters are singing the praises of Bakerella’s recent post on cute cupcake art. Bakerella references Cakespy’s Etsy page, which offers a wide array of illustrations featuring cartoon cupcakes, doughnuts, and other sweets. I’m partial to the cupcake facing a baking disaster and the cupcake reenactment of Woody Allen’s Manhattan.

Of course, these adorable cupcake cartoons might not be appropriate for a kitchen that is owned by (or shared with) a manly man. I’m pretty sure my husband would veto the watercolor cupcakes, but he was happy to hang at the focal point of our kitchen a giant red sign urging visitors to eat. Prefer to go a little more subtle with your kitchen art? Check out these hand-painted 3-by-5-inch wooden “bloks”—they’re not all kitchen-appropriate, but most cocktail aficionados could probably find a spot for a small painting of a drink on the rocks.

And for anyone who will be in Austin next week, the SXSW music festival will be sponsoring its annual Flatstock poster exhibition and sale. The event mainly showcases concert posters but is also a great source of kitchen-art inspiration. This year’s artists include Guy Burwell, whose $20 sushi prints are available online. The Bird Machine mostly designs rock posters featuring cuddly animals but also offers a warm-colored coffee poster. Fans of music and food might find some kitchen-friendly prints in the Small Stakes poster shop, like an Iron & Wine poster screen-printed with a red rooster, or a Low knife poster (third row down, fourth poster in), though this particular blade might look more like weapon than a Wüsthof.

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