Jamaican beef patties are basically flat Hot Pockets, with an orange-yellow crust and a smooth smear of spicy beef inside, explains rworange.

The patties at Art’s Jamaican Market are “lip-smacking, orange-napkin stained heaven,” says bunky. “These are the same patties I tasted every vacation in St. Thomas. … My brother and I saved our quarters, and for $1.00 each we watched a lady roll out orange dough with an old vodka bottle, pat some stuff into it and then fry it in a pan filled with oil. These are the exact same color, and texture and taste. I even have the exact same heartburn.” Art’s patties have “the same spicing: slightly, ever so hot, but mostly it’s the texture of the meat, it’s like refried black beans with funky chewy bits.” Even though they’re made from beef, they have the funkiness of goat—sort of like how pastrami is basically bacon made from cow.

goddess.girl thinks the hot beef patties are very good, but the chicken curry ones are even better. They’re stuffed with a nice yellow chicken curry. She usually buys a dozen and puts them in her freezer. She also recommends Art’s bulla bread, which is “like a cross between gingerbread and a soft molasses cookie.”

Art’s is mostly a grocery. It’s a good source for frozen Caribbean goodies such as goat meat, salt cod, and breadfruit. Try some ginger beer, or maybe a Ting soda, too.

Art’s Jamaican Market [East Bay]
4042 Broadway, Oakland

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