You’ve skipped breakfast, and at noon, with your tummy rumbling, you opt for a fat slice of pizza instead of a salad. Well, duh. But a new study, presented at the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting this past Tuesday, says you could numb those cravings. Enter weight-loss remedy number gazillion.

As reported by CBS news, the study pinpoints ghrelin, the “hunger hormone,” as being the culprit in high-calorie cravings. The study showed two sets of participants pictures of high- and low-calorie food over the course of three mornings. Group One had eaten breakfast that morning; Group Two had skipped breakfast and its participants were injected with ghrelin. Group Two had cravings for chocolate, cake, and pizza. Group One didn’t.

Tony Goldstone, the study’s lead author, said this finding “raises the possibility that drugs that block the action of ghrelin may help reduce cravings for high-calorie food and so help people lose weight.”

And all this time we thought we had to exercise.

Image source: Flickr member dno 1967 under Creative Commons

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