Smoked salt is delicious as a condiment or ingredient. The level of smokiness varies in intensity, with the most pungent varieties evoking the qualities of smoked meats; litchick describes hers as smelling “wonderfully of a blazing campfire full of bacon.”

It works very well in vegetable dishes, where it adds a somewhat meaty dimension, and in soups or chilis where bacon would be a complementary flavor. But its flavor is perhaps best appreciated—and most revelatory—when it is used as a condiment. Try it sprinkled on good bread spread with sweet butter; on baguette slices spread with mashed avocado spiked with lemon juice and topped with sliced radishes; or on a simple risotto. Smoked salt also makes a surprisingly good pairing with chocolate.

It tends to come in very coarse crystals, which you will need to grind in a salt grinder. KRS recommends Danish Viking-Smoked Sea Salt. Whole Foods also sells its own packaged smoked salt, which is often stocked near the cheese and olive bar.

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