Mole, a sauce from central Mexico made with ground chiles, nuts, spices, and chocolate, is one of the most delicious, satisfying things in the world—and, as you might imagine, it is time-consuming to prepare from scratch. Excellent prepared moles are available from Mexican grocery stores, though. The best, says Eat_Nopal, are the thick squares of artisanal mole packaged in plastic wrap, sold in many Oaxacan, Guerrerense, or Pueblan markets and bakeries. If you’re not lucky enough to live close to such a store, you may still be able to find thick, prepared mole paste in white plastic pint tubs in many Mexican grocery stores, says toodie jane. You can also sometimes find Tetra Pak containers of prepared mole brands that are popular in Mexico, says Eat_Nopal, such as La Costeña, Knorr, and Clemente Jacques.

If you can’t find thick mole paste, you may still be able to get prepared mole in a jar. One of the more common brands is Doña María—and it’s also one of the worst, according to Eat_Nopal. Nevertheless, scubadoo97 has gotten great results with it by carefully mixing in spiced Mexican chocolate, home-ground mixed dried chiles, and a couple of puréed bananas. The bananas make the finished mole creamier, but you don’t taste them in the final sauce.

And DiningDiva reports that, of the jarred brands available, Rogelio Bueno is “way better than Doña Maria.”

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