Kenya, the homeland of Barack Obama’s father, has a new nickname for a beloved local brew. According to CNN, since the start of the American primaries, Kenyans have been referring to Senator beer as Obama beer. That is, rather than ordering a round of Senators, Kenyan barflies simply ask for a round of Obamas. Reporter David McKenzie describes the beer as “really strong and very cheap.”

According to Chris O’Brien’s brainy Beer Activist blog, combining beer and politics in Kenya is nothing new:

Kenyans seem to be fond of using beer as a political symbol. When I was there in college in the early nineties and Kenya was preparing for its first ever multiparty democratic elections, it was popular in bars to order ‘two two’, which meant two beers but was also code for supporting multiparty elections.

Any thoughts on what Hillary Clinton’s signature beer would be? The Jackfruity blog suggests another Kenyan brew, Tusker. Maybe I’m missing the joke here, but being that there’s an elephant on the label, it doesn’t seem like an appropriate choice for a Democratic candidate. Any other ideas?

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