Comfort food taken to the next level, that’s what gastropubs are about. Like bangers and mash, where the sausages are from Fra’ Mani. Or french fries, cooked in duck fat. A pot of cucumbers, turnips, and asparagus deliciously pickled in a house-made brine.

This is what you’ll find at the Crow Bar, which opened last fall and is already bringing in well-heeled but raucous crowds of Corona del Mar hipsters on weekend nights.

It does justice to a Cubano sandwich and also ahi niçoise burger, says TheManning2. There are some great cheeses, paired with fruit compote. And of course, beer—a selection much like what you’d find at the encyclopedic BevMo!, including Pasadena’s own Craftsman beer.

There are inventive twists too, like the dessert “not just a ding dong,” which is an intensely chocolaty homemade version of the cream-filled minicake.

Most entrées are under $20; dinner could run $40 to $70, but you could just as well have a draft beer and a burger for less than $20.

The Crow Bar and Kitchen [Orange County]
2325 E. Coast Highway, Corona del Mar

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