Who doesn’t love the flavor of a ripe Concord grape bursting with juice?

You can have a little taste of that ultimate fall fruit in issues of People magazine this month as Welch’s rolls out a campaign using the latest thing in sensory marketing technology: lickable ads.

According to the Wall Street Journal, marketers are “salivating” over the possibilities for lickable ads. But the ads do have their downsides, like the fact that now all those doctor’s office copies of magazines will have traces of saliva in them. On the other hand, “A lot of people won’t lick a magazine no matter how good it tastes,” notes Chris Heye, Welch’s marketing chief.

I’m not sure sure about that. Who wasn’t captivated by the lickable wallpaper in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory? Get enough issues of People and you can paper your whole nursery in Concord grape flavor. (Of course, you could always make your own.)

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