Berlin is home to a food item known as a curry dog, or Currywurst. Have one served along with pommes frites and a Fanta, and life is pretty good, says rockycat. Hot dogs are deep-fried and covered in a sauce that’s thin and slightly sweet, a sort of curried ketchup. The curry seasoning is mild and mysterious, not powerful and spicy. “Dipping the fries in the extra sauce makes it even better,” notes rockycat.

linguafood, however, is not impressed by these hot dogs covered in ketchup and curry powder. The highly reputed Currywurst stands may have long lines, with many cabdrivers waiting for their curry dogs, but the actual dog is “the blandest, most underwhelming experience EVER,” says linguafood. “It’s low-quality sausage w/ketchup and lame, tame curry powder. What’s the point?”

For those who feel there might be a point to the East Berlin curry dog, but can’t make it to Berlin, you can get curry ketchup in European delis or grocers, says stellamystar. JungMann recommends the Knorr brand.


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