Near kimchi specialist Seoul Do Soon Yi in Garden Grove, hounds have found Myung Im, another Korean hyperspecialist. The restaurant specializes in wang mandu, which are huge steamed white buns, very similar to Chinese baozi but much bigger. Like, one will probably fill you up. We’re talking gigantic.

Myung Im cooks them to order, which is awesome, says Lau, because they come out superfresh. The steamed dough is fluffy, and not quite as sweet as the Chinese version. Fillings are excellent. The kimchi and meat dumpling involves quality ingredients, finely minced, in a perfect filling-to-bun ratio. Meat dumplings are even better: There are mushrooms in the filling, and you can really taste the quality of the meat.

Myung Im is in the food court at the H-Mart, and there are about six Korean specialists there. It takes 10 to 15 minutes for the buns to come, and Lau was told that for absolute primo enjoyment, you should wait an additional 15 minutes for them to fully steam out.

Myung Im [Little Saigon]
8911 Garden Grove Boulevard #3, Garden Grove

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