If you’re not familiar with Coronation Street, you’re probably not British. An epic prime-time soap opera that is the king of the genre in the UK, the show got its start in 1960, making it the world’s longest-running scripted television program.

This long windup is all meant to contextualize the following bit of news that just drifted onto the Internet:

“Actor Sean Wilson, who played Martin Platt, swapped Coronation Street for the kitchen as he started a new life as an award-winning Lancashire cheese maker.”

It says something about the increasingly high standing of cheese that an actor on a major soap would give it a shot; Wilson does a nice job of summing up its appeal in an interview with the Burnley Express:

“It is my passion and is something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s great to be able to do it and be involved in the food chain and create something both traditional and classy.”

Wilson describes himself as one of two people making “real Lancashire cheese,” a crumbly cow’s-milk cheese known as a go-to choice for making Welsh rarebit. A long way from Coronation Street, no doubt, but an enviable second act nonetheless.

Image source: Flickr member Sultry under Creative Commons

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