You know the Vietnamese seven courses of beef? Well, modernist has sniffed out seven courses of goat at Binh Dan. Grilled goat sausages with goat fat is just incredible, and there’s also a dry-fried goat curry and a soupy goat curry. There are a couple of so-so soups, both similar, and then there’s jellied goat blood.

It’s like tangy Jell-O, topped with peanuts and cilantro. “You put it on a rice cracker and squeeze some lime on it,” says modernist. “The acid immediately liquifies the Jell-O and bright red blood begins to dribble into your rice bun noodles like you just got punched in the nose.”

Despite the grandiose sound of “seven courses of XX,” modernist assures us that this is a typical hole in the wall, with guys playing Texas hold ’em on a laptop at the cashier counter, groups huddled around hot pots, and lots of beer being consumed.

Binh Dan Restaurant [Little Saigon]

10040 McFadden Avenue, Westminster

Board Link: more for goat lovers! (eating the meat) Binh Dan Restaurant

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