The actual name for this hidden wonderland is Gourmet Express, which is pretty much the worst, most vague name ever, says katya. The alternate name on the signs is Garlic Land. Now there’s a good name, especially considering what you get: glorious, superflavorful, garlicky chicken. “This is the kind of place that tastes pretty good the first time and even better the next time. Now I’m addicted. What do they put in that hummus?” she says.

The platter is the way to go here. For $9, you get a big old pile of meat. A garlic chicken platter gets you shredded chicken, garlic sauce, pita, and four sides of your choice. The garlic sauce is very, very, wonderfully garlicky. Some of the sides are also satisfying: Be sure to get the very good hummus, great baba ghanoush, and addictive lemon-garlic potatoes. The other sides are only so-so.

Gourmet Express [South Bay]
463 Valley Way, Milpitas

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