katya has two favorite Turkish restaurants: Café Artemis and New Kapadokia.

Café Artemis has excellent lamb kofte—a patty of spices and ground lamb—though it’s perhaps too lamb-y for some. The kofte is by far the best of any of the restaurant’s kebabs. They have great hummus, excellent dolmades, and nice, crisp, moist falafel. Tzatziki is a little heavy. Good lentil kofte, too. “We ended our meal with the warm chocolate ouzo torte ($5.95) since we read a compelling review on Yelp by someone who wanted to, in Britney Spears’ slurred words, ‘Eat it, lick it, snort it, f**k it’. The ouzo torte was definitely f**kable,” says katya. They are sometimes a little erratic with the toppings and add-ons that come with the torte; on one occasion they substituted coconut gelato for chocolate gelato, and added pomegranate seeds, neither of which went well. Still, the torte itself—fantastic.

New Kapadokia has fantastic beef kofte, and katya’s favorite lentil kofte in town. It’s a spicy red lentil soup, with a fabulous zing. Add a squeeze of lemon for tangy perfection. Their bread is fabulously addictive. The folks here are fabulously friendly, too.

Café Artemis [South Bay]
1875 S. Bascom Avenue, Campbell

New Kapadokia [Peninsula]
2399 Broadway Street, Redwood City

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