While Mario Batali’s iPod is stuffed with can’t-argue-with-these-picks classics from the likes of Led Zeppelin and the Clash, wild man Anthony Bourdain votes the punk ticket (well, except for a bit of classic soul). But—perhaps surprisingly—the star chef with the hippest music taste might just be the one with the largest teeth: Rachael Ray.

Ray not only has her own party at indie music showcase South by Southwest, but she’s also asked some pretty off-the-wall bands to provide the tunes. Holy Fuck is a Toronto-based electronica outfit that describes its sound on its MySpace page as “poo” (but which others describe as an exhilarating “ride of lo-tech, organic electronica.” No word on whether the band’s accepted, although there does seem to be a Rachael Ray–shaped hole in its tour schedule the night of Ray’s party on March 15. Whether or not Holy Fuck shows, Ray’s Austin guests will be grooving to garage-rockers the Ettes, who are confirmed for the gig.

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