Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and a couple of artsy candy stores are offering perfectly giftable jewelry that (hopefully) won’t outlast your relationship. If you’re lucky enough to be in Barcelona during the next couple of weeks, Escribà offers a collection of Candy-Glam Rings that look like blown glass and taste like lollipops. Another Barcelona candy shop, Papabubble—which also has locations in Amsterdam, Tokyo, and New York—is pushing its own brand of edible rings. Time Out New York describes these dazzling pulled-sugar treats:

Pulled, cut and rolled into a panoply of fanciful Technicolor designs—some topped with glossy rosettes or funky, striped wedges—the edible accessories are freshly spun from a host of lollipop flavors, including honeyed mango and spicy cinnamon, according to the whims of the shop’s dessert chefs. The goodie will stay fresh for several months, on the condition that your beloved can resist its sweet allure: We immediately devoured our passion fruit–cherry-and-watermelon bauble whose grown-up, intense flavors trumped a Ring Pop’s.

Unfortunately, these edible offerings don’t come cheap. The basic ring costs $20, and you’ll have to drop $55 for the rings embedded with gold leaf. Papabubble doesn’t have an online store, but if you live near one of its shops, it might be a good idea to call ahead to order for Valentine’s Day.

Not ready to invest that much time and energy into a V-Day treat? No sweat. You can still score a Ring Pop for 59¢ at Old Time Candy.

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