It should be a continuing source of satisfaction to folks across the country that the use (and awareness) of fresh, local, natural ingredients is on the rise. At the same time, it’s hard to not occasionally be reminded that there are other approaches to eating.

A recent personal favorite from New Products Online: “TIC Gums Introduces Pretested Saladizer Max Gum,” an emulsifier intended to be used as an additive in salad dressings. Saladizer, its pitch says, can “replace more expensive propylene glycol alginate (PGA) in a variety of applications.” Mmm, I love the taste of PGA. So luxurious!

Favorite line from the press release:

Developed over the course of the last few years and extensively tested in a two-year shelf life study, the new Saladizer Max reflects continual improvements in gum technology combined with a trend toward tailored, economical solutions to food and beverage companies’ ingredient and process needs.

Saladizer Max: Continually Improving Gum Technology to Serve Your Corporation’s Process Needs!

I mean, seriously, this is probably a step forward for humanity somehow, but it’s hard not to shudder a little while reading it.

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