Hungry for a buzz? Bartender Eben Freeman of New York’s Tailor presents booze you can eat. Freeman has already been pushing one of the most intriguing cocktail menus (Note: This link leads to a pdf file) in the city, with specialties like the Waylon, bourbon mixed with “smoked coke” (the cola syrup has been smoked over cherrywood chips), and the Bazooka, a concoction of vodka, sour mix, and bubblegum cordial. Now, as reported by New York magazine’s Grub Street blog, he’s offering three solid cocktails: a gelatinized Cuba Libre (a.k.a. a rum and coke Jell-O shot), a Ramos Gin Fizz marshmallow, and a White Russian–infused Rice Krispies treat.

It’s unclear whether these snacks contain enough alcohol to get you wasted, but a sample of all three costs $12 and could make a nice apéritif to prep your taste buds for Chef Sam Mason’s dinner menu (another pdf file—Tailor, consider HTML, please), which also plays with unexpected flavors and textures. One of Mason’s signature entrées is the sweet-and-savory butterscotch-miso pork belly, and his dessert menu includes a brown butter cake with braised banana and mustard ice cream.

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