Letizia’s Neapolitan-style pizza boasts top-notch toppings and flavorful sauce on a solid, medium-thin crust that balances a touch of char with proper chewiness. “It’s the best place in Norwalk,” declares TD, “and right up there with Colony as the best in Connecticut.”

If you’re thinking it might be something like New Haven pizza, think again. “This is not New Haven pizza. It doesn’t even copy it,” writes TrishUntrapped. “It is thin crust, and the sauce and cheese go almost to the very edge of the pie. There is no thick rim. Cheese and sauce are good, and the sausage is very good.” Adds TD: “It is very different from–and better than–New Haven pizza. New Haven pizza has a very thin, very dry crust. Letizia’s crust is charred to perfection but retains enough moisture on the interior to prevent it from drying out. Letizia’s sauce is also better than any I’ve had at Sally’s, Pepe’s, or Modern Apizza–very flavorful, yet it does not overpower the cheese.”

Since we’re talking pizza here, naturally there’s disagreement. “I’ve never understood the hype. It’s average at best,” sniffs vegas. “Colony Grill is much much better.”

Letizia’s Pizza [Fairfield County]
666 Main Ave (Rte 7), between Grist Mill and W. Rocks Rds, Norwalk, CT

Colony Grill [Fairfield County]
172 Myrtle Ave, between Frederick and Elm Sts, Stamford, CT

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