Pollo Rosso chickens, organic Italian “heritage chickens” sold at Whole Foods, are very different from other chickens on the market—even from the other chickens at Whole Foods, says Miss Needle. They’re much more flavorful and lean, with more texture and substance to the meat, so they’re not mushy like mass-market chickens tend to be. The proportions also differ from your standard supermarket chicken, with smaller breasts and leaner, longer legs—think of a runway model, says Miss Needle. “I think this is how chicken is meant to taste,” she says. A Pollo Rosso is in the same league as a special chicken bought from a stall in the NY Union Square farmers’ market. At about $4.50 a pound, Pollo Rosso chickens are pricey, but the quality justifies the price. gini agrees: quite flavorful.

Board Link: Has anybody cooked with a Pollo Rosso chicken?

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