Chowhounds from outside the American South are surprised and intrigued by the dish of fried apples. vafarmwife likes to fry them and serve them on biscuits. “I usually use the early harvest apples and fry them in my cast iron skillet with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Good eatin’,” she says. LauraGrace likes them over grits with a little cream. It’s “dessert you can justifiably eat for breakfast,” she says. “To me ‘fried apples’ is a side dish I could find at Cracker Barrel or a barbecue joint,” says bluemoon4515. “Although I’ve never been served them as part of a home-cooked meal here, I can’t remember even seeing them on a menu anywhere else.”

ChrisOC even found some canned fried apples at an outlet store. But the first ingredient was high-fructose corn syrup, unfortunately. All the more reason to fry your own!

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