There’s a superb goat roti at Penny’s Caribbean Cuisine. The roti itself is layered, flaky, and studded with crumbled chickpeas. And the curried goat is great, says 10foot5. It’s gamy, and bathed in rich curry. The curry tastes very mustardy, but Penny swears there’s no mustard in it—it’s only the flavor of the particular kind of pepper she uses. And it’s clearly been roasted before going into the curry, because it has a nice, crusty exterior. There’s good jerk chicken, too—spicy and tangy.

The roti is a little bigger and pricier than on the actual islands, but the taste is just like real Barbados roti, says Civil Bear. The servings are massive, though. Unlike on the islands, these are tough to eat on the go.

Warning: Penny’s is a one-woman operation, and Penny is not perfectly punctual. The sign says it opens at noon, but sometimes she doesn’t show up until after 1. And her style is pretty unhurried—it can take a while to get your food. 10foot5 recommends calling in your order first, to check that she’s there and cut off some of the wait.

Chicken roti is $7.50, goat roti is $8. It’s very reasonable, given the quality and size of the servings.

Penny’s Caribbean Cuisine [East Bay]
2836 Sacramento Street, Berkeley

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