Cook to Bang was the Last Straw: In a humorous article, Josh Ozersky (ironically, given his duditude) says that “dude food,” has gotten out of hand, citing examples ranging from “Dudai Lama” Guy Fieri to the “aggressively vile” blog-turned-book Cook to Bang. via Time

Getting Down to Business on Childhood Obesity: Michelle Obama revealed a 120-page report on childhood obesity (PDF) from the White House task force, which outlines a goal of returning the rate of childhood obesity to 5 percent by 2030, and contains 70 recommendations for how to do so. via Washington Post’s All We Can Eat

Wolfgang Smurf: Chef Wolfgang Puck will be the voice of a smurf in an upcoming movie. via Village Voice’s Fork in the Road

Surely We Can Do Better?: In a step in the right direction, the U.S. Agriculture Department unveiled new poultry standards to reduce the instances of campylobacter and salmonella poisoning, but the target numbers they are giving look like they’ll barely be a drop in the bucket, reducing salmonella cases by 26,000 a year, when it’s estimated to be responsible for 1.4 million cases annually. via Los Angeles Times

A Good Read: Pastry chef Shuna Fish Lydon responds to a reader email about getting into the restaurant business on her blog eggbeater with some real candor. “Hear This: If you start at the bottom of a kitchen no one can give you shit. no one.”

Deaths, Firings, Recalls, and Other Endings:

  • A Colorado artist who put fake labels on Gatorade bottles with a picture of Tiger Woods and the word, “Unfaithful” on them pled guilty to “adulteration and removing a label of food while held for sale.” He was fined $1000.
  • Romaine lettuce from a farm in Yuma, Arizona sickened nearly 20 people with eColi contamination, and prompted a nationwide recall, particularly of grab n’ go salads.
  • The culinary empire of Los Angeles chef David Meyers (Sona, Boule) is in trouble.
  • Debuts, Openings, and Other Beginnings:

  • Ground was broken on the Brooklyn Grange in Long Island City, New York. At one acre, it’s projected to be the largest rooftop garden in New York City.
  • New recipe site Yummly supposedly has a snazzy algorithm that learns your likes and dislikes and gets smarter at giving you suggestions.
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