Excellent fresh peaches are a fleeting summer phenomenon, but you needn’t look down on canned for year-round use. They’re canned when fresh and ripe and can work well if you use them in dishes where they will be cooked.

BamiaWruz thinks they work nicely in this peach upside-down cake. Hounds also use them in cobbler and add them to bread pudding. “They’re lovely in a pie,” says rcallner, “with some brown sugar, honey, fresh or frozen raspberries, a touch of vanilla, and a splash of cinnamon.”

bon oeuf recommends Jacques Pepin’s caramelized peaches, made with an intriguing technique: Peaches in heavy syrup are drained; the syrup is cooked until caramelized, and the peaches are added, along with heavy cream.

boyzoma uses canned peaches in frozen daquiris: In a blender combine half a large can of peaches, a small can of limeade concentrate, the empty can’s measure of light rum, and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. Fill the blender jar with ice, and blend.

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