Why are the crispy, blackened, burnt bits of any dish so delicious? The crunchy, slightly burnt tail of a whole fried catfish is Veggo‘s favorite; cuccubear likes the crispy, charred leaves that fall off roasting Brussels sprouts: “better than potato chips,” says cuccubear.

The crispy bits from rice dishes like paella and bibimbap get fond reviews from Chowhounds. toodie jane likes “corn on the cob, slow roasted on the barbecue till the kernels are dry and brown—they pop right off the cob whole and into your mouth,” no butter or any other dressing needed, she says. “I always cut any kind of grilled sandwich with cheese in half so the cheese can run out and burn,” says wekick. “Reubens with the cheese and kraut burning on the pan—delicious.”

And there’s a whole culinary culture built around overcooking frozen pasta dinners. scarsdalesurprise likes the overcooked, burnt edges of a Stouffer’s tuna casserole. “After you nuke a tray of Stouffers mac ‘n’ cheese, stir it a little and nuke it again,” advises Veggo. “Now you’ll get a few interesting little chunks and delicious edges.”

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