Though there are threads and discussions galore on best burgers, typhoonfish is in search of something different: raw meat to be cooked at home.

Hound favorites include:

• Sulmona Meat Market, which “cuts off a piece of chuck” and grinds it to order, “unless you ask them to grind something else,” says 9lives.

• Roche Bros’ 85 percent lean ground chuck: “It’s magical. I don’t know why it’s so good or so much better than 85 percent ground chuck anywhere else, but it is,” says Eatin in Woostah. It’s on sale for $1.99 a pound each Friday.

• Tony’s Market in Roslindale Square: “The texture is wonderful, the flavor amazing, and even if you cook it to a full medium/medium-well (not even a blush of pink in the center, which I consider a fine medium), it still retains its juiciness,” says devilham.

Sulmona Meat Market [North End]
32 Parmenter Street, Boston

Roche Bros Supermarket [North of Boston]
34 Cambridge Street, Burlington

Tony’s Market [Roslindale]
4253 Washington Street, Boston

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