El Farolito often gets props as a good, down-home Mexican joint, and Seth Chadwick gives us the dish on a recent meal. The restaurant: clean and roomy, decorated with Mexican art. The menu: comprehensive.

Cheese quesadilla is a great way to start: Hungry-Man size, stuffed with cheese, it’s grilled till deep golden brown. It’s fantastic with their salsa.

Cheese enchilada has tender, fresh corn tortillas, more great cheese and a sauce with a nicely smoky aftertaste.

Tender, tasty carne asada comes with charred onions and sliced jalapenos.

Machaca and eggs is a soothing combo, the eggs soft-scrambled and the shredded beef nice and moist. The beef gets a kick from jalapenos, but could use a bit more of other seasonings. It comes with lovely, lardy beans and OK rice.

A pork tamal proves to be a letdown: more masa than meat.

A meal for two, including drinks (one a forgettable melon margarita) is about $33. Cheese quesadilla is $2.75, cheese enchilada $2.75, carne asada $7.50, and pork tamal $3.

El Farolito [North OC]
201 S. Bradford Ave., Placentia

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