When it comes to gummies, many Chowhounds are partial to Haribo Gold-Bears. If what you’re after is a straight-up gummi bear experience, Haribo is the original. Make sure the bears are fresh, notes Loren3, since as they age their flavor fades and they get harder. typetive notes that, compared with other brands, the Haribo bears are taller and more svelte. Haribo has several factories, and the best bears come from either Germany or Spain. The ones from the Czech Republic are sometimes a little bland. Look for fresh bears that are soft when squeezed. typetive thinks Trolli brand gummi bears are very soft and chewy but a little greasy on the outside. Black Forest is another American brand that’s widely available and of good quality.

If you’re willing to experiment a little, mamaciita loves the gummi candies produced by the Natural Confectionery, an Australian company. Its Blinky Bills, as well as the gummi cars, dinosaurs, and snakes, are fantastic. The black currant flavor that comes in the mixed-fruit packages is particularly divine. mamaciita’s favorite of all time, though, has to be Haribo’s gummi fruit salad.

In addition to exotic Australian gummi candies, you could also try getting your hands on some of the excellent Japanese varieties. Kasugai has a pineapple-flavored gummi that is transcendent, says typetive. soypower also likes the litchi and white peach flavors—they’re much truer to the fruit flavors than American gummi candy. Finally, try Meiji Gummy Choco, chocolate-covered fruit gummies in flavors like Muscat, orange, and strawberry. Look for them in Japanese and Korean grocery stores.

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