Ground lamb is the start of delicious dishes from many cuisines. Use it in comforting shepherd’s pie or make lamb burgers, which can be taken in “numerous ethnic directions based on the herbs, spices, condiments, and type of bread you use,” notes goodhealthgourmet. steakman55 mixes in feta cheese and garlic for a Greek take, or try CHOW’s Middle Eastern Lamb Burgers. Make them tiny and they’re meatballs: hotoynoodle makes them with harissa, mint, and oregano and serves them with lemon yogurt sauce over couscous.

Grilled lamb kofta kebabs with pistachios and spicy salad wrap are “incredibly delicious,” says wineos. mariab thinks Mark Bittman’s Greek-style nachos, made with pita chips and yogurt sauce, are also delicious, and simple.

Emmmily recommends pasta with Turkish-style lamb, eggplant, and yogurt sauce, while Marge says Italian lamb ragu with mint and pecorino is best with radiatore and a dollop of fresh ricotta. And a classic Indian preparation is lamb and pea keema.

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