Soup wonders why it’s so hard to find real broth at the grocery store. You can get watery broth in a can or a box, but it’s almost impossible to find rich, gelatinous, flavorful broth in a grocery store. “When I put my stock in the fridge it turns to jello,” he says. “I’ve never once bought a store bought stock or broth that does the same.”

Good, gelatinous broth is sometimes available in specialty gourmet stores like Surfas, notes Sister Y, but it’s extremely expensive, and it’s unheard-of in regular grocery stores. We Chowhounds can get all kinds of fancy fresh produce, eggs, dairy products, and meats—so why is it so hard to get good broth without spending hours making it oneself? Is proper broth particularly hard to pasteurize? Is there just no market for long-simmering broth that turns to jelly when chilled? The quality of life of nonvegetarians everywhere will be improved when we can buy freshly made, long-simmered chicken broth at the grocery store, next to the organic milk, orange juice, and free-range eggs. So get on it, all you gourmet food producers. There’s a need. If you brew it, we will buy it.

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