Could there be good dim sum in Fullerton? Even more improbably, at a place called California Asian Bistro? Yeah, baby, yeah!, says mpken, who bore witness to this miracle.

If you can get over the sports bar appearance (or hey, maybe that’s a plus … har gow and the big game?), the dim sum is solid and expertly crafted.

Xiao long bao is some of the best mpken’s had in a while—the wrapper supple yet strong like at Din Tai Fung, with plenty of juice inside.

It’s got the greatest hits—including char siu bao, siu mai, egg custard tart, and taro dumpling—and they’re as good as in SGV. It doesn’t have the funkier stuff like tripe or curried fish balls, but the chicken’s feet are quite good.

California Asian Bistro [Orange County]
1000 S. Harbor Boulevard, Fullerton

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