We return to the new Chowhound darling Bite Bar & Bakery for yet another discovery: a perfect Reuben, of sorts. Ciao Bob warns that he hates normal Reubens. “I generally find them to be a greasy mess with lousy corned beef and cheap ‘kraut: plus, I don’t care for Thousand Island dressing at all.” So the Bite’s reuben may not appeal to a lover of the classic Reuben.

But this sandwich has won his heart. It’s drier than the usual oil slick; being dry-grilled, he suspects, rather than doused in grease and then grilled. “They use REALLY, REALLY EXCELLENT CORNED BEEF, it must be made there, and it is just delish.” The sauerkraut is also house-made, and wonderful.

bulavinaka agrees: “Maybe Bite should rename this Ciao Bob’s Anti-Reuben.” The corned beef is “fantastic. Lean but moist, flavorful, and it didn’t taste like a salt lick.”

The Reuben is a daily special, but seems to recur regularly.

“I am really loving Bite’s restrained simplicity,” says Dommy. Other places go overboard with fancy ingredients. Here, it’s pure, simple, and perfect.

Bite Bar & Bakery [Westside – Beaches]
3221 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica

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