Yuzu juice has just become something of a mysterious holy grail for chowhounds. liu tried some at Sushi Zo in Los Angeles (where it seems to only come with omakase meals), and raved mightily, and we’ve been trying to figure out exactly what she had…and where we can all find more!

Whatever it was, this juice is heavenly, with a great balance of sweet and tart. Liu may have sampled a pure juice, or, we suspect, a blend with pressed juice from the rind (where most of the flavor is).

You may be able to find yuzu fruit at Japanese markets, in the refrigerator case, though you’ll pay dearly (we’ve seen prices as high as $3-5 for just one fruit). You may also be able to find little 3.5-oz bottles of the juice for $12-$20. The bottled juice is really for cooking (it lends a broader, deeper flavor in any situation calling for lemon) rather than for drinking, though.

We await more details and sightings.

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