Sergio Penuelas has abandoned the Centinela branch of Chowhound-beloved Mariscos Chente permanently. Since Penuelas left, the cooking at the Centinela branch has gone way downhill, says Westsidegal. Dishes are overcooked, portions are smaller, sauces taste like dishwater. “Without Sergio there it’s just not the same place at all,” says Westsidegal. “I mean, they might hire a decent cook at some point, but it will not be the place that many of us have come to love.”

But do not fear: Penuelas has simply moved over to the original Lennox branch of Mariscos Chente on Inglewood. Penuelas cooks Thursday through Sunday, and Vincente Cossio, the owner of the Chente restaurants, cooks the other days.

Westsidegal visited the Lennox branch when Penuelas was in the kitchen. The shrimp and octopus cocktail was “the Sergio-sublime-creation that I knew at Centinela. The seafood was PLENTIFUL, FRESH, and PERFECTLY cooked. The broth was the PERFECT, AMAZING, EXCELLENT broth that Sergio cooks.”

And don’t be afraid to try the Lennox branch when Vincente Cossio is in the kitchen, either. He’s the guy that taught Penuelas in the first place. His hand is different, says streetgourmetla, but he’s a great cook.

Mariscos Chente – Centinela [Westside – Beaches]
4532 South Centinela Avenue, Los Angeles

Mariscos Chente – Lennox [South L.A.]
10820 Inglewood Avenue, Lennox

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Mariscos Chente Lennox

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