Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die(t).

We all know what January 1 brings. Aside from a hellacious hangover, that is. On New Year’s Day, you’ll wake up, grab your pad and pen, and make your list of resolutions.

But before that inevitable day arrives, there’s still plenty of time to celebrate the season with delicious food and drink. New York magazine has thoughtfully compiled a list of NYC’s most indulgent dishes so you can create the kind of fond memories that will sustain you through a long winter of deprivation. From wd-50’s avant-garde Eggs Benedict, described as “fried nuggets of hollandaise served with an almost fudgy tube of egg yolk,” to Pamplona’s Hamburguesa, in which the ground beef is enriched with suckling pig and chorizo, you’re sure to find something fatty to keep you warm. And if you’re merely going on a spending diet, Eleven Madison Park’s $125 Pizzetta with shaved white truffle, mascarpone, and quail egg will put you in the proper remorseful mood for some financial belt-tightening.

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