A pizza wizard of the future, a Dom DeMarco in training, just might have attended a birthday party the other day at Young Chefs Academy in Forest Hills. janie, whose son was there—maybe he’s The Chosen One—says partygoers get a hands-on introduction to the pizza arts: kneading and rolling house-made dough; topping and baking it; and finally eating it. Along the way they receive a primer in kitchen hygiene, don aprons, and color their own chef’s toques (some grown-up hounds may also be tempted to give this a whirl). Janie says her son “had such a blast.” And for dessert lovers, the place throws ice cream parties, too.

Because life isn’t all pizza and ice cream, Young Chefs Academy also gives classes for kids on cooking, baking, food safety, presentation, and table manners, among other topics. Besides imparting kitchen skills, Janie sees a school like this fostering a new generation of omnivorous Chowhounds: “it might be a good way for kids to be more open to eating certain foods if they cook them themselves.”

Young Chefs Academy [Forest Hills]
108-10 72nd Avenue (near Austin Street), Forest Hills, Queens

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