Pinche Taqueria, a newcomer in Mexican-challenged SoHo, stakes a claim to authenticity. It pats out its own tortillas, butchers its own pork for al pastor, and makes salsas daily from organic ingredients.

Some taco-starved downtowners are sold. Texas native mashpee says Pinche scratches the itch with tender, flavorful carnitas and “mind alteringly tender” carne asada, among other things; “one of the better meals that I’ve had in recent memory. … Soho is not exactly a chowhound’s paradise, but I think that Pinche is worth the trip.”

Mandymac endorses the tortillas—rustic, rough-hewn, “the kind you simply do not see in NYC”—but finds the meats and beans lacking in flavor compared with those at established favorites like Tehuitzingo. “I wanted to feel this place more than I did.”

On the Upper East Side, the modest fast-food joint Burger One has veered south of the border and now offers tacos and tortas. They’re surprisingly delicious, reports Fat and Happy Food Slut, who is happier (and perhaps fatter) since the menu changed. “Let’s be clear, the cecina, carnitas, beef and chicken tacos and tortas aren’t in the Sunnyside/Woodside league, but given the desert-like conditions for cheap quick relatively authentic and undeniably tasty Mexican on the UES, this is a find.”

Tacos are $2.45 apiece—an uptown price tag—but loaded with a humongous north-of-the-border portion of meat. The green salsa is fresh and fiery, Foodboy says, and the burgers look good, too.

Pinche Taqueria [Nolita]
227 Mott Street (between Spring and Prince streets), Manhattan

Burger One [Upper East Side]
1150 Lexington Avenue (between E. 79th and 80th streets), Manhattan

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