Tart, citrusy sorrel is a springtime delicacy that can be used to flavor dishes or as a vegetable.

“It’s delicious used raw, as an herb, any place you want a fresh sour tang,” says eight_inch_pestle. LNG212 recommends sorrel frittata. “There’s something about the slightly sourish/lemonish flavor that really works well with eggs.” eight_inch_pestle loves it in scrambled eggs: “Stir in a bit toward the end with a little cream cheese and smoked salmon and go find your running shorts, because you’re about to overeat.”

Sorrel makes a great sauce for salmon, says GretchenS. Sauté chopped onion or shallot and a bit of minced garlic, then add lots of sorrel (it shrinks when cooked) and heat until it breaks down into a paste. “It will turn a sort of muddy color,” she says, “but you won’t care once you taste it with your salmon—that is one of the great pleasures of spring for me!”

Sorrel is also delicious in hot or chilled cream soup or puréed as a side dish.

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