Elephant Walk is a venerable French/Cambodian spot in Cambridge that’s been turning out fantastic food for almost two decades, and hounds say things haven’t slipped one iota. Appetizers are a strong point: nataing, ground pork in coconut milk with crispy rice cakes, is a must, as are the Cambodian spring rolls, deep-fried and served with mint and lettuce. Roll one up, pop it in your mouth, smile.

For mains, opinionatedchef recommends the shrimp amrita, which is “richly flavored, with many spices, and the shrimp perfect and succulent.” The loc lac, seared beef over lettuce with a dipping sauce, is another hit, as is the amok royal, custardy seafood stew in a bamboo cup.

opinionated chef sums up Elephant Walk’s other attractions: “The room is comfortable and handsome; exposed brick walls lined with banquettes, warm colors and fabrics, large windows. Not a loud room; conversation-compatible. We thought prices were very fair and unusually low for such a nice atmosphere.” Friendly service, free parking behind the building, big portions on appetizers—what else could you want? Oh, maybe the address?

Elephant Walk [Cambridge]
2067 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

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