Kagura makes “by far the best tonkatsu I’ve had in the U.S.,” says la2tokyo. “It would be a very good representation of tonkatsu even if it was in Japan.”

Premium loin katsu gozen made with Kurobuta pork is “amazing,” says la2tokyo. “Incredibly tender, juicy, and very rich. There was a rind of fat on one side of the cutlet about 3/4 of an inch thick, the way it would be served in Japan.” For those not prepared to have this much fat, there’s an option involving pork tenderloin.

“If I had to rate it, giving the best tonkatsu I’ve had in Japan (and I’ve had a lot) a 100, I could confidently give their tonkatsu a score in the 90s,” says la2tokyo.

Kagura [South Bay]
1652 Cabrillo Avenue, Torrance

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